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Showcased artifacts incorporate the sarcophagus lid of Palenque's King Pakal, who is said to be piloting a rocket ship; the La Venta Olmec heads prompt to characterize African men and women in flight helmets; and also the feathered serpent god Kukulkan possibly depicted somewhere else on the earth as the Naga and Chinese dragon.

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This episode implies that guy and dinosaurs might have coexisted in historical moments and earlier cultures experienced expertise in prehistoric animals extensive before the study of paleontology. Examined is usually a carving present in Angkor Wat that is certainly recommended being a depiction of a stegosaurus; the A huge number of Ica Stones of Peru that depict alleged human/dinosaur conversation; and fossils from Dinosaur Valley Point out Park suggested to have the two dinosaur and human footprints.

This information is about a tv software. For hypotheses about extraterrestrial visitations for the duration of historical occasions, see Historic astronaut hypothesis.

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Historical astronaut theorists go over how extraterrestrials may need hidden proof in their visits.

Historic astronaut theorists talk about In case the Aboriginal Australians may have experienced connection with extraterrestrials inside the remote past By means of the Dreamtime.

Offered the severity from the statements, a Specific court docket check here is Established to investigate the accusations of witchcraft. Judges are sent from Boston to aid the people of small town Salem. In the trials, the ladies scream and faint Anytime one of the meant witches will take the stand.

This episode implies that some alleged alien encounters could be of read more beings from Earth's future touring in time machines and that these beings visited Earth's distant earlier. Examined will be the rumors from the Nazi "Die Glocke" time journey machine; the State-of-the-art cosmic understanding of the Anasazi and their similarities to The traditional Sumerians; tales of your time travel while in the Bible and various historic texts; and real Place/time experiments that could at some point open the doorway for possible time travel technological innovation.

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Historic astronaut theorists focus on cybernetics, Transhumanism, And just how robots may be the ultimate phase in human evolution.

Also advised are that the legends of supernatural giants including the Bible's Goliath, the hybrid Nephilim, the Sumerian Enkidu, are tales of human conversation with these types of creatures.

This episode examines several of the paintings, sketches and journals of famous artist and engineer Leonardo da Vinci, and alleges that website many of his get the job done may perhaps have already been influenced by alien technology he could possibly have encountered. Discussed are the opportunity of concealed messages within his function which include parts of his paintings that disappear underneath x-ray scans; his use of mirror composing to make his notes illegible to prying eyes; his sketches of inhuman and monstrous creatures, and what Da Vinci may have been executing when he seemingly disappeared for two a long time following locating a mysterious cave.

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